Personalised Tea Towel - Oatmeal

Personalised Tea Towel - Oatmeal


Gift with a Purpose


Show your appreciation for your loved one or add a personal touch to your own home with our bespoke tea towel service.


Perfect for housewarming, engagement or birthday gifts!


Made from locally sourced Irish Linen.


Each piece is created with hope sewn at the centre; enabling you to support a brighter future for survivors of human trafficking in Northern Ireland. 

Lettering Colour


    Each tea towel is a generous 45cmx71cm, perfect for drapping over a chair and adding a drop of colour to your home.

    Care Instructions

    Each tea towel is washing machine friendly just be sure to keep it cooler at 30 degrees.

    If needed you can tumble dry but we recommend drying it in the fresh air.